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Balogar Art & Graphics (BAG) are creative professionals who spend considerable time crafting creative works for brands and businesses. They focus on traditional marketing tools like logos, letterheads, business cards, catalogues, CD artwork, ads and more. BAG strive to achieve a cohesive overall branding feel. To balance discipline required in graphic design they create in fine art as well.


Logo Design

A good logo shows what a company does and what the brand values. Logo design is all about creating the perfect visual brand mark for a company.


Publication Design

The majority of BAG´s work is classical design in traditional print media – ads, catalogues, business cards and billboards.

Garment Print Design

Textile fabrics can be decorated by applying of various designs. Printed designs showcase a brand and add value to garments.

Product Print Design

Once a product is mature it is crucial to refine the user experience and make the product looks more attractive to increase its success.

Interior Mood Boards

The collages of ideas and concepts in the form of images, text, colours and samples of decor objects are a great tool in reflecting a specific mood.

Fine Art

Visual art has always been an essential part of many artists´ self expression for its imaginative, aesthetic, sensual and intellectual content.


Graphic design, interior design, urban design, fashion design, product design. Design is just about everywhere. It is an integral and vital part of life. The people shape design. Design shapes people. It´s a two way road which humankind has been a part of since the first empires.

From The Clients

“Outstanding attention to detail from the first sketch to final product. Great personal service. Unconventional result with lots of positive feedback from the customers.”

Zuzana Mojzisova

Musicologist/Artist, RTVS

Focused and consistent communication, perceiving and client oriented approach, strong attention to detail. We work with BAG more than 20 years, look forward for the future projects.”

Martin Piecka

Director, Partner Reklama

“I know BAG for over 20 years as friends as well as designers. I can always rely on their endless creativity, flexibility and speed. Highly recommend him for any creative project.”

Miroslav Tomsik

Sales Director, Chemproces

“We worked on several successful brand campaigns for patients and physicians, I appreciated the ability to listen for understanding the needs of the target group as well as the great creativity.”

Jolana Schmiedl

Associate Director, CSL Behring


We can start by trying to get know each other a bit – talking designs, colors, visual preferences … Or if you like, we can get down to business and talk about your project.