The client

Railtrans International (RTI) is a rail cargo transport company based in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. They operate in global logistics and transportation market since 2011. They focus on petrochemical products like ethanol and biofuels.

The beginning

In 2019 RTI purchased a fleet of new Siemens Vectron locomotives. They were looking for someone who would design the graphics for the new machines. BAG were recommended to RTI by one of their long term suppliers. After a quick getting to know each other, BAG was hired because the client was getting a bit under pressure with the look of the new locomotives since the old graphics (above) no longer represented the RTI´s personality and values.

The challenge

Design new graphics for the new fleet of locomotives. Communicate the company´s dynamics, confidence and strength in a highly competitive cargo transportation market. Create a distinctive brand voice.

The process

After a series of meetings RTI and BAG agreed on processing of six different visuals each including a theme, headline and logo. In a week BAG would put together the proposals (above) and presented them to the client. The next step was to incorporate the selected graphics to the technical drawing of the locomotive.

The twist

When the selected graphics was completed and delivered to RTI, the final approval was expected. The client was unexpectedly unsure about the proposal, expressed their doubts and suggested to start all over again. BAG organized a meeting with a larger audience from RTI asking a single question – how they feel about the old graphics of their locomotives. A vast majority of the employees and the management felt a strong connection with the
old graphics yet wanted the new locomotives to have a fresh new look.

The starting over

The client asked BAG to find a solution which would be inspired by old graphics adapted to the latest trends in graphic design. The solution (above and below) gave the locomotives a sleek new and fresh look and was unanimously approved by the client.

The conclusion

Communication and project co-ordination were the most challenging parts of the project. The meetings with all parties involved required a lot of focus and attention to detail. Redefining of the assignment proved once again that the client may be initially clear about the job but later their perspective may change. BAG did not see the number of visuals made in the first stage of the project as a waste of time. Not at all ! It helped to navigate the client and found the best
solution in a given time.


We can start by trying to get know each other a bit – talking designs, colors, visual preferences … Or if you like, we can get down to business and talk about your project.